< Sandra Macaron For Khawatem

As her previous installations, Sandra Macaron is constantly impacted by her social surroundings, either to convey a nostalgic sentiment or to raise public awareness. 
Bird Cage is one of her contradictory installations- Bird suggesting the idea of freedom, Cage meaning the world we live ‘doctrine imprisonment’. It is a representation of the oppressed individuals living in a system of barriers which mold people who belong to a certain crowd and effect their subordination to another crowd.
The line is a series of lamp shades that are visualized through diverse emotions and are shown in multiple situations. Each cage is a characterized in laser cut metal sheets mimicking weaved cane that is replacing the handmade craft to recreate our modern yet traditional society.
Bird Cage is presented by a range of chairs, stools, lamp shades and a unique jewelry piece designed exclusively for Khawatem boutique