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"Art is similar to passion,” says artist Safa Al Set, adding, "… it is beyond words!” Born in 1974, Safa Al Set studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Damascus University and graduated in 1997. She briefly experienced with multi-media graphic design, then decided to start her own artistic career, working with metal, using steel and copper as a means to create original art pieces, which stand out for their rough texture and design. Her first solo exhibition "Commedia dell’Arte" was held at the French Cultural Center in Damascus in 1998. It consisted of six Black and White paintings (2x2 m) and six metal masks, all strongly inspired by tragedy. Earlier in 1994, she had participated in the Joan Miró workshop and group exhibition held at the French Cultural Center in Damascus. In 2003, came her second solo exhibition "Figures" in Maktab Aanbar, the ancient school in the heart of Old Damascus, where she presented sketches made of iron in large scale, transforming the hard nature of the metal into art that is alive and flowing. In 2008, she held another exhibition at Ayyam Gallery in Damascus, entitled, "Women.” She brilliantly succeeded—again—in bringing metal to life, by presenting different sculptors of women in multi-spirited moods. In 2009, "We are never a like” a solo exhibition at the Art House in Damascus. Safa Alset plays with fire. In her Damascus studio, the lively artist heats and melds scrap pieces of iron and copper to form giant sculptures, a series of which have been on display at the Art House throughout August. In this exhibition, Alset tried to capture the feeling she says women have when men leave them alone either through death, divorce or emotional unavailability. As such, the exhibition was full of haunting, willowy figures which peek out from all over the hotel’s patio. In 2011, Albareh Art Gallery in Bahrain in collaboration with Saks Fifth Avenue presented a solo exhibition of Syrian artist, Safa Alset. The exhibition entitled, "Shoe” took take place at Saks Fifth Avenue- Bahrain City Center. Safa’s sculptures reveal her personal relationship with shoes, this never-ending attraction between women and shoes, this connection to femininity, to nature, to fashion and to the social status. This exhibition was about this secret relationship. It was about the endless hidden stories of women and their aspirations, about their backgrounds and societies and what their shoes can tell us about them  
Collective Exhibitions:
2010 / 2011 Let It Be Jewelry /Damascus, Beirut, Bahrain
2010 / Tajalliyat Art Gallery / Damascus
2011 / Al Telal Gallery /Kuwait
2013 / Geneva, Switzerland
2013 / Art Fair/ Basel
2013 / Khawatem Art & Jewelry Gallery / Beirut
2014 / Wadi Finan for Arts / Amman 
2015 / Art On56 / Beirut
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